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With our HF machine, ADER aims to reach the highest technological level in the field of the COLD CHAMBER DIE-CASTING, maintaining our traditional sturdiness and low prices.

A very studied conception together with the proportional oleohydraulic system have permited to make a machine for to satisfy all the most exigent requests of our market.

These are some of the HF characteristics:

  • Control desk with microproceseer an programmable automat.

  • Alarms and breakdown detectione by autotest.

  • Speed and pressure levels are detected exclusively from the control desk.

  • The DUALJET system of injection and multiplier has two independent circuits making secure the precision, exacteness and repetivity of all the parameters (speed, acceleration, changes of pressure, etc.)

  • The first stage of the progressive injection (constant acceleration) permits a mould filling without any kind of turbulences, that is to say, with the most compact metal structure.

  • All the security systems are made according the CE rules.

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